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Wood Burning

wood burning


Do you enjoy the sound of fire crackling? Is your current fireplace looking outdated? Turn to a locally-owned and operated heating company with not only a depth of experience but also a friendly attitude. No matter your style, The Heating Source Inc. can offer you the ideal wood fireplace for your Beeton home whether we are doing installations, repairs, maintenances/inspections, or sales of our fireplaces. At our showroom, you can come in and visualize unique fireplaces or woodstoves.

More than just a statement piece in your house, fireplaces are a great way to keep you and your family safe and warm in the event of a power outage. Plus, wood burning fireplaces can run without electricity. If you don't see the one you are searching for online, we can direct you to many other models that we carry.

We Are WETT Certified

In addition to providing high-quality fireplaces and wood stove installations, we are qualified and licensed to perform WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) inspections on existing wood burning fireplaces. These fireplace inspections are important to do for insurance purposes and following the purchase of a new home with an existing fireplace or woodstove to make sure that it is safe to use, as well as in older units. Contact us today to arrange for this inspection and protect your family’s safety.

Chimney Sweeps

To prevent creosote buildup that could cause blockage and chimney fire, we recommend a chimney sweeping on an annual basis. By providing a visual inspection, we make sure it’s safe to burn. During this service, we will go over any areas of concerns or questions you may have about burning your wood appliance.

About Wood

When you are considering using wood heat, ensure you are buying an EPA approved unit. Nowadays, advanced stoves emit 2-4 grams of smoke per hour compared to older units that can emit up to 40 grams per hour. When heating your home with wood, you are simply bringing part of the nature’s carbon cycle into your home and releasing its stored energy. Next, trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow, converting it to carbon that makes up almost half the weight of dry wood. As wood burns, this carbon is released as CO2 again. If, instead of being processed into firewood for home heating, if an old tree fell and rotted on the forest floor, the same amount of CO2 would go back into the atmosphere.

Firewood Co2 Emission Graph

Considered a renewable energy source, most firewood is produced from old, damaged trees that are unfit for other purposes. When one of these trees is harvested from a woodlot, its absence creates an opening for sunlight to penetrate and stimulate the growth of smaller trees below. As these younger trees grow, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. With sustainable harvesting, our forests can provide a continual source of energy. Wood burning is now being considered to be carbon neutral.

Ideal for both heating and decorative ambiance, wood-burning fire provides optimal visual entertainment from the brilliant blazing flame, to a slow and steady flame—a natural ebb and flow with constant action. The crackling, popping, and hissing that some hear is an essential aspect to the fireplace experience. Quality, availability, and price of wood will vary from region to region.


Discover Jøtul products range : Cast iron wood burning stove, gas stove, wood burning & gas fireplace inserts.


Free Standing Wood Stoves

You can choose from the following free standing wood stoves, such as:

Valcourt Fireplaces

Valcourt FP 11 Frontenac

Majestic and imposing, this model will surely give you elegance without compromising the quality of the air.

  • Exceptionally large

  • Advanced technology to reduce air pollution 

  • 70 % cleaner than unqualified models

Valcourt FP7 Antoinette

Meet the fireplace of your dreams, while being environmentally friendly.

  • 70 % cleaner than unqualified models

  • Low particulate emissions

Valcourt FP10 Lafayette

This fireplace provides you home heating with superb efficiency and elegance.

  • Meets the highest EPA emissions requirements

  • Ceramic glass


Founded just outside of Vancouver, Canada in 1979, Regency has proven to be a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of hearth products, supplying retailers across North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Australia.

Wood Fireplaces

Wood Fireplace Inserts

Free Standing Wood Stoves

RSF Wood Fireplaces

Frequently Asked Questions on Wood Fireplaces

Please visit our showroom today and see a wide selection of gas or wood burning appliances. Or, call us to receive a quote from The Heating Source Inc.

Quality Suppliers for Your Comfort

Our trusted suppliers for wood fireplaces, inserts and free standing wood stoves.

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