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Gas Propane & Electric

Gas propane


Looking for new electric fireplaces in Cookstown and surrounding areas? Look no further. Since 2008, our family-owned and operated company, The Heating Source Inc. has provided high-quality gas and propane fireplaces to enhance your homes and beautify your living spaces.

A gas fire brings a peaceful ambiance of a wood-burning fire, while flames are more even and consistent. With several models, the flame height and intensity can be adjusted to your own desire. Log sets are made of ceramic and designed with fine details like textured bark, charred edges, and a glowing ember bed to maintain an authentic feel. Gas products are available to operate with propane or natural gas.

How Do Direct Venting Gas Appliances Work?

The Heating Source Inc. offers direct venting gas appliances. The way this system works is by having two pipes, an inside pipe for exhaust, and an outer pipe to bring in outside air for combustion. The design of these stoves allows for a completely sealed system that does not compromise the indoor air quality of your home. It also lets you vent a product horizontally, which is great for when an appliance is installed on an outside wall.

Marquis Collection

For the latest in the evolution of fireplace, we carry the modern styles of fireplaces from the Marquis collection, which include:


With clever designer options for customizing the look of your fireplace, this product will suit anyone’s style.

  • Expansive glass viewing area 

  • Available in natural gas or propane

  • 2 sizes to choose from: decorative-rated fireplace or heated-rated version

Capella gas insert

With this insert, you can transform your existing wood burning fireplace into an updated focal point in your home.

  • Heat radiating ceramic glass

  • Dual burner


There are infinite reasons to love this gas fireplace due to its beauty, warmth, and style. This sleek stretch of dancing flames gives you endless possibilities for creating the room of your dreams.

  • Accent lighting with decorative (white) glass ember red

  • Safety screen barrier


Incredibly versatile, this comes with a classic mantle or contemporary wall surround, making it a great choice in your home.

  • Available in 33” or 36”

  • Options to choose from either: a log set or a contemporary rock set


With an unprecedented array of custom options, you can transform your fireplace into something truly unique.

  • Available in 36”, 42”, and 47”

  • Choose from either: traditional or herringbone brick liners 

  • Options to choose from either: a log set or a contemporary rock set


This fireplace makes a statement with its pure sophistication look.

  • Sleek contemporary look 

  • Options to choose from either: rock set, sand, or rocks and drift wood

Skyline II

With its wide-view appeal and flexibility, this sophisticated gas fireplace is sure to make a lasting impression.

  • Sleek contemporary look 

  • Customize your look with: rocks and driftwood, decorative stones, cannonballs or ember glass

Enviro Gas Fireplace Inserts

We carry the following gas fireplace inserts, such as:


  • Clean face look

  • Easy-access burner switch

  • 50% turn down valve

  • Efficiency: 81%


  • Clean face look

  • Cast iron heat exchanger

  • 50% turn down valve

  • Efficiency: 81%


  • Clean face look

  • Easy-access burner switch

  • 50% turn down valve

  • Efficiency: 82%

Enviro Gas Freestanding Stoves

For our gas freestanding stoves, you can choose from:


  • Heating area: up to 1,600 sq. ft



Westport Steel S30

  • Heating area: up to 1,700 sq. ft

Enviro Zero Clearance Gas Stoves

Select from:


  • Heating area: up to 1,100 sq. ft


  • Heating area: up to 1,400 sq. ft


  • Heating area: up to 1,100 sq. ft


  • Heating area: up to 2,000 sq. ft

Regency Fireplaces

Founded just outside of Vancouver, Canada, Regency has proven to be a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of hearth products, supplying retailers across North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Australia, for over 35 years.

Regency® City Series™

Regency® Horizon® Contemporary

Regency® Bellavista® Traditional

Regency® Bellavista® Traditional

Regency® Classic™ Gas Stoves

Jøtul Gas Stoves

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